Plastic Access Panel Size Guide

Follow this simple guide to ensure you select the correct size plastic access panel.

The panel size we quote against our plastic access panels is the size of the opening at the back of the panel. We recommend you add up to 5mm over the panel size when creating the opening into which you will be fitting the panel. For example our HA300 (size: 300 x 300mm) can be fitted into an opening of 305 x 305mm.

Regardless of the size, every panel has a 25mm frame making the overall size of each panel approximately 50mm bigger than the quoted panel size. E.g. The 300 x 300mm panel will measure approximately 350 x 350mm when measured from the outside edge to the opposite outside edge of the frame in each direction.

Once you are satisfied you’ve got the correct fitting size you need to consider the clear opening. The clear opening is defined as the available opening size with the door open once the panel is fitted. We list the clear opening sizes for each size plastic access panel within the individual product listing. It is worth noting that with care the door can be removed should you need additional clearance, however we do not recommend this is done regularly or by somebody who is unfamiliar with the construction of the product as it could lead to weakening of the hinges.

Further information:

On the product listing which can be viewed by clicking the following link to our Plastic Access Panel product page where you’ll find a video in the image gallery which provides more information on the panels as well as a fitting guide. If you need any help with any of our products please call 01937 325 325 for advice. Our opening hours are 8.30-17.00 Monday to Thursday and 8.30 to 16.30 on Fridays. We’re closed outside of these hours.

plastic access panel with door partially open

Plastic access panel


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