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Product Reviews for Made to Measure Insulated Loft Hatch (Hinged)

Absolutely perfect!

The service I received from the Jupiterblue team was perfect. They answered all my questions in record time. I put the order and it arrive well within the allocated time The installation could not have been easier and it fitted perfectly.I contacted them for a missing key and it arrived the day afterHighly Recommended

March 27, 2020
Great product

Great product, made to exact measurements given, brilliant quality and arrived in good time. Very pleased with the lost hatch and would highly recommend Jupiter blue.

December 26, 2019
Outstanding product and outstanding service.

We ordered a bespoke loft hatch as our previous one was so small we couldn't even get large cardboard boxes in. This one is absolutely perfect and fits like a glove. Excellent materials used, exceptionally well made and the quality of customer service is second to none. Extremely helpful and friendly advice when I phoned them before ordering. Thank you so much I would highly recommend your company.

December 10, 2019

Brilliant product good quality just perfect

September 16, 2019
Nice product and looks good.

Purchased a new loft hatch 4 months ago and finally got round to fitting it last week. I had not realised that the door is not easily removed from the frame and therefore needed two people to fit it. Despite this it was relatively easy to fit and looks very neat and sleek. However, the latch that locks the door in position is rather rudimentary and quite stiff to rotate/lock, to the extent that the opening pole has already broken after less than 5 uses. However, I would still recommend this product.

August 10, 2019
Quality product, accurately made to my specified dimensions

We recently had our loft access moved from one of our bedrooms onto the landing ceiling which is much more practical. While doing so, we thought it would be good to go for a bigger hatch to provide more practical access, but didn't want to risk having something that would stand out like a sore thumb on the ceiling. This product meets our needs perfectly, and when fitted is extremely tidy, and you hardly notice it's there despite its large size. The only things to be aware of, being that it's made of steel, are the weight and chunkiness of the hatch door (which could cause injury if accidentally allowed to drop open), and the sprayed finish of the door and frame, which is beautifully slick but may be hard to touch up nicely if it gets scratched (one would probably need to spray paint it to maintain the finish, rather than use brush paint). But these are relatively minor considerations, and as long as the usual care is taken, they do not detract from the design or quality of the product. A minor observation regarding the loft hatch pole is that the end of the pole is made of rough metal, and could easily scratch the door panel if this was allowed to slip off the catch and onto the panel surface. The pole is very cheaply made by comparison to the hatch itself, and could be improved if the end that locates into the latch was made of a hard polyethylene plastic rather than metal, thus eliminating any risk of scratching the paintwork on the hatch. I've covered the end of mine in gaffer tape to avoid any such risk, but again if you're careful this shouldn't be an issue. It's essential to note that, when ordering a bespoke size, it is vital that you follow the measuring instructions precisely to allow a necessary small tolerance to enable you to locate the frame square into the hole, packing the edges where necessary once the fit is nice and square. Without this necessary tolerance, the frame could end up being a tight fit between the joists, leaving you with no allowance for adjusting the installation; and if your joists are not all perfectly square (which they likely won't be), this would lead to the door catching when you close it. It's therefore essential to follow JupiterBlue's instructions when specifying your sizes. It's also worth noting that mine was manufactured perfectly in accordance with the dimensions I specified on my order. This allowed me to install it with just the right amount of room for movement to ensure an absolutely perfect fit all round. I'm very pleased indeed with this product overall, and would definitely recommend it.

March 11, 2019
loft hatch

item great quality measurements all ok and eaasy to install with on time delivery

March 8, 2019

Excellent well made delivered on time and easy to fit

February 14, 2019
Great product

Used this smart looking hatch to replace a draughty "made on site" MDF one with no insulation which the builder had fitted in our new extension. (Beats me how the building inspector didn't reject it.) The new one is far superior - zero draughts, well insulated and looks very good. Easy installation: two person job to offer up but can then be clamped in place whilst fitting, releasing the wife to make a cup of coffee! Will be ordering another for the main house loft.

February 13, 2019
SDS Made to Measure Insulated Loft Hatch

I was looking for a loft solution for our 1930s build and found the SDS Made To Measure hatch. The customer services team were really helpful in finding the right product and how best to work with the lath and plaster so that the hatch fitted flush against the ceiling. The hatch turned up earlier than expected and fitted without any problems. We now have a great insulating hatch that has made a real difference to the warmth of our landing. Great product and service.

November 5, 2018
Made to Measure Loft Hatch

Easily the best loft hatches I fit. This is probably the 5th made to measure hatch I have ordered. Dead easy to fit. Great closing mechanism and they look great when installed. Highly recommended.

September 29, 2018
Made to measure loft hatch - excellent product

Came two days before delivery was expected, was well packaged. It took longer to get the old fittings out and off the rafters than it did to fit this hatch. I used 3 plaster board lifters I have (B&Q £15) to steady the hatch in place and it just slipped straight into the opening with ease. Good measurements are essential. Well worth that bit extra £ for this finish than messing and angling with wood hatching, lot lighter too. The pole was forgotten on my order but one email to the company and it was sent immediately and arrived next day with no hassle. Hatch has 3 fixing holes per side and I added a few more for the hell of it. The 25mm frame helps the ceiling finish, so if you have ceiling blemishes around the hatch as I did with plasterboard showing then the 50mm frame might save you a heap of time. Not often I review a product like this but I have absolutely no complaints and far more importantly nor does my wife, excellent product and firm. Buy with confidence.

September 11, 2018
Loft Hatch

The sevice was exemplary: the hatchway came on time, was well made and correctly sized. the finish was very good. My one concern is the lock and opening arrange,ment: the lock is takes time to getting used to, and it is not always clear that it is locked in the closed position: there is a risk that it could fall open unexpectedly. The rod 'key' used to open the lock and lower the hatch is flimsy and will wear quickly, and possibly break.

September 2, 2018
Great Service and product

I have used Jupiter Blue a number of times and have never been let down by either the level of service or the products. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

August 28, 2018
Excellent product

Excellent product, value for money, service and company to deal with.

August 27, 2018