The World’s best Access Panel Adhesive

One question we get asked on a regular basis is “which adhesive do we recommend for fixing access panels to walls and ceilings?” There are numerous building adhesives out there so it can be confusing. We’ve tested most adhesives and believe we’ve found the best in the world at any price. In fact, it sticks, just about anything to anything including porous and non-porous materials. Unlike the last product to make this claim it doesn’t glue your fingers together!

The World's best Access Panel Adhesive

The World’s best Access Panel Adhesive

All Metals, Hard Plastics, Roof Tiles, Brick, Concrete, Glass, Ceramic, Glass Fibre, Slate, Granite, Timber, Mirrors, Stone and much more

It’s also suitable for a wide range of conditions including:

– Indoor & Outdoor use
– Temperatures from -40°C to 150°C
– Sticks underwater
– Totally waterproof & weatherproof
– Guaranteed for 40 years


We think it’s so good, we’re offering a money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied.  We’re offering any customer who buys access panels a special price of £6.95+VAT per tube. View our Access Panel range

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