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Bespoke loft hatches 20/10/2016

Ready made non standard size loft hatches to clear

We’ve got a batch of loft hatches of various non standard sizes which are now for sale on the website. Ordinarily these sell for £122-£145 + VAT depending on the spec but are for sale at between £65-75 + VAT meaning savings of 46%. These are high quality hand made loft hatches made to one off sizes. To check if a particular hatch will fit your property measure the distance between the timbers of your loft opening and deduct 5mm. Compare this measurement to the list of hatches we’ve got... Read More


Part L Building Regs: NHBC Poll reveals 84.5% of Industry professionals think Zero carbon target for 2016 unrealistic

What is Zero Carbon and why does it matter? Part L of the building regulations deal with the conservation of fuel and power in buildings. Recent revisions have seen tightening of the regulations to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions through improved thermal performance and a reduction in draughts. The goal is that all new residential buildings have a zero carbon rating by 2016. This is part of a wider effort to achieve a legally binding target of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% of their 1990 levels by 2050. Everybody... Read More