Smootie round up, the best and worst from 31st March to 4th April

As you might have noticed, we like to post about our smoothies which we make on a daily basis, well almost daily basis. Recipes are a either made up by us or from tried and tested sources.

Last week’s best smoothie was courtesy of our MD, Bob. A devine tasting mix of lime, mango, passion fruit, cucumber and blue berries. Ok it’s not got any veg in it so it’s not as healthy as some, in terms of sugar content, but it does taste amazing. If memory serves me correctly it’s the only smoothie we’ve marked 10 out of 10 and we hate giving out 10, so that’s quite an achievement.










To balance things up, our worst was mine, but the beauty of using a recipe from a book is if it’s great I take the credit, if it isn’t I blame the book. The title of this smoothie caught my eye “Muscular Magic”. Perfect for a friday, or so I thought. It seemed fairly innocent and full of low glycemic index ingredients. I knew it wouldn’t compete on flavour, but hoped it would score well on healthy, veg based content content.

The ingredients: Kale, celery, little gem lettuce, lemon and chopped almonds mixed with a bit of water. The finished product was a decent consistency vibrant green number. A gentle taste of celery was the most prominent flavour.

It wasn’t so much the flavour, but the after effects which lead to Muscular Magic being rated worst. As we’re polite boys we won’t go into details, but have come up with several more fitting names for this smoothie.



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  • T Dog

    Wow! I can’t believe you are blogging about your smooties. What a great idea for office participation.