Product Feature SDS Made to Measure Loft Hatch

If your property has a non- standard size loft opening a made to measure loft hatch will save you time, hassle and money.

What do we mean by non-standard size loft opening?
For many years, Building regulations have specified residential houses have joists spaced at 600mm centres. Allowing for the width of the joists used the distance between the joists is around 565mm. As a result most standard size loft hatches are designed to fit a width of 560mm, this allows a small tolerance when fitting (this is why we ask you to deduct 5mm from the measurements of your loft opening when placing your order). The lengths of standard size loft hatches vary depending on the property but are typically in the region of 560 – 760mm.

There are numerous reasons why a standard size loft hatch may not be suitable for your property. The most common ones we experience are for customers who have any one of the following:

  • Properties with non-standard joist spacing
  • Converted/ extended properties where the loft hatch has been moved from its original location
  • Properties who’s owners need a larger hatch opening

Older Properties with non-standard joist spacing leading to odd size loft opening

Typically these properties will have some sort of timber hatch fitted. Timber doors can be heavy and present difficulties with: opening/ closing, insulating and draught sealing. In addition if the existing hatch is a “Push up” style where the lid is pushed up into the loft this is additional hassle and means the door can become dirty and get scratched quickly.

Converted/ extended properties

Where properties have been altered and the loft hatch has been moved to a different location there can be a need for a non-standard loft hatch to be fitted in order to allow access into the loft from the new location. If a standard size hatch won’t work, a made to measure hatch is a good solution.

Properties who’s owners need a larger hatch opening

Some property owners need a larger loft opening to aid with the storage of larger items. Where a standard size hatch isn’t available a bespoke hatch can be made to suit. Owners of properties with the loft hatch is at a ceiling height of 3 metres or more and you’re wanting to fit a loft ladder you’ll need to fit a commercial style ladder. In some cases the minimum hatch size required for a commercial ladder will mean a standard size loft hatch Cannot be used.

Benefits of Made to Measure Loft Hatches

Every custom made loft hatch made here in North Yorkshire. The hatch is fabricated from Zintec steel, to your exact dimensions. Your hatch is delivered ready to be fitted by you (fitting instructions are included).

  • Precision made, highly durable loft hatch
  • Insulated to give a U Value of 0.32
  • Excellent draught resistance with very low air leakage
  • Powder-Coated finish, no decorating required
  • Easy to fit

You can find more information about our made to measure loft hatches here. Alternatively you can contact us by telephone on 01937 325 325 (Mon-Thur 08.30-17.00, Fri 08.30-16.30)

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