Jupiter Blue

The World’s best Access Panel Adhesive

One question we get asked on a regular basis is “which adhesive do we recommend for fixing access panels to walls and ceilings?” There are numerous building adhesives out there so it can be confusing. We’ve tested most adhesives and believe we’ve found the best in the world at any price. In fact, it sticks, just about anything to anything including porous and non-porous materials. Unlike the last product to make this claim it doesn’t glue your fingers together! All Metals, Hard Plastics, Roof Tiles, Brick, Concrete, Glass, Ceramic, Glass... Read More

Citrus Smoothie 7 out of 10

Today’s smoothie from Martin S. Sharp and refreshing, but not everybody’s bag. We scored it 7 out of 10. Ingredients: 2 Grapefruit 3 Oranges + Zest from 1/2 an orange 1 Lime 2 Pears Add together in blender and whizz

Avocado, Orange & Grape Smoothie 9 out of 10

Fresh tasting smoothie, courtesy of our MD Bob. We scored it 9 out of 10, not just because he’s the boss. Three ingredients, easy to make. 1 Orange 1 Avocado 1 Bunch of grapes Whizz in blender Best served chilled

Avocado, Kiwi, Grape, Spinach & Lychee Smoothie 9/10

We love our smoothies, we’re always trying new combinations. This is a great tasting blend with a smooth consistency. Ingredients : 1 x Avocado 2 x Kiw 1 bunch of grapes 1 bag Spinach 2 Lychees Mixed in blender  

Christmas and New Year Opening times

We close on Monday 23rd December and re-open on Thursday 2nd January. You can place orders at any time, orders for stock items placed after 2pm on Monday 23rd December will be despatched on Thursday 2nd January.    

Part L Building Regulations for Loft Hatches (plus an explanation of U Values)

Part L of the building regulations govern the conservation of fuel and power used by buildings. It’s a long document with multiple sections covering different components and materials used in order to ensure buildings meet with Part L. How heat loss from homes is measured The unit of measurment used to represent heat loss is known as the ‘U’ value. The U value is specified in W/m²k and represents the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of structure (Glazing, insulation, wall, ceiling etc) when the exterior... Read More

Smoothie of the day

It’s been a while coming, about a month but it was almost worth the wait. Martin S surprised us all with this lovely mix of Bananna, Pineapple, Pear, Orange Juice and crushed ice. Very refreshing. We’re hoping to get at least one more out of him before the end of 2013.    

Movember update

Photograph to follow Thanks to the generosity of a number of our customers and suppliers we’re very pleased to have raised over £500 for Movember. Donations are still coming in so thank you.  

We’re bristling with excitement, it’s Movember

The annual moustache growing month is upon us. We grow moustaches, people sponsor us and the money goes towards funding and supporting men’s health initiatives. Last year the UK raised £27 Million and we’re hoping to So while we’re facing quandries like which style of moustache to grow we thought we’d upload a picture of us all to show we stuck to the rules which state, everybody has to be clean shaven. Well most of us did. If you’d like to sponsor us, I’ll details of how you can sponsor... Read More