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Movember update

Photograph to follow Thanks to the generosity of a number of our customers and suppliers we’re very pleased to have raised over £500 for Movember. Donations are still coming in so thank you.  

We’re bristling with excitement, it’s Movember

The annual moustache growing month is upon us. We grow moustaches, people sponsor us and the money goes towards funding and supporting men’s health initiatives. Last year the UK raised £27 Million and we’re hoping to So while we’re facing quandries like which style of moustache to grow we thought we’d upload a picture of us all to show we stuck to the rules which state, everybody has to be clean shaven. Well most of us did. If you’d like to sponsor us, I’ll details of how you can sponsor... Read More

Article low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter

Yesterday (31st October) The BBC ran an article “14 low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter”. As you may expect it covered most of the expected recommendations such as Foil behind radiators, Double Glazing and Loft Insulation.   Interestingly the article went on to advise something most people tend to ignore, their loft hatch. It’s pointless insulating your loft and leaving a leaky loft hatch as valuable heat will seep into the loft space as well as any colder air from the loft being able to permeate... Read More

Smoothie of the day

Courtesy of Tom. Probably one of the best we’ve ever had… Bananna, Frozen Peaches and yogurt, from a Muller Lite

Smoothie of the day

As is typical, I remembered I hadn’t photographed this one until it was too late. Delicate flavour: 4 Beetroot Juice from 2 Oranges plus one of the squeezed halves 1 Apple 3 Carrots 4 Plumbs 1 big leaf of Curley Kale Ice & Water to dilute 8/10

Smoothie of the day

  Today’s smoothie 1 Punnet of Grapes, 4 Nectarines 1 Muller Light Strawberry Yoghurt. 7/10  

Smoothie of the day

Today’s refreshing smoothie courtesy of Bob was drunk before we remembered to photograph it (sorry). 2 Apples Handful of Spinach 1/2 Cucumber 3 Broccoli florets 1 Lemon lump of ginger Ice and water to improve consistency Anything tasting this good with so many highly nutritious ingredients has to get top marks.

Smoothie of the day

Every day, barring a few exceptions and the odd Jibber who’ll remain anonymous for now we take turns making smoothies. We’ve done that many, we’re losing track so thought we’d keep a record here. Today’s was a pleasant and refreshing green smoothie comprising: 5 Apples (English) 5 Oranges 4 Kiwi Fruit 2 Big leaves of Greens 1 Bananna 1 Lime Add water to improve consistency.

What we made of Probably the Toughest event on the Planet

Saturday the 7th of September saw Bob, Richard and Martin complete the Yorkshire Tough Mudder. Billed as the toughest UK Tough Mudder ever, the 12.5 mile course wound it’s way up and down the beautiful Yorkshire moors broken up by numerous obstacles designed to test stamina, strength and mental grit. In addition to the intended obstacles, there were a few unpleasant surprises during the first half of the event. Obstacles include climbing, being immersed in icey water, electrocuted and plenty of other opportunities to get drenched and covered in mud.... Read More

House of Canopies – The New home for Door Canopies

Owing to the continued growth of our range of Door Canopies we’re pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated business, House of Canopies. You’ll find an ever increasing range of Door Canopies for all types of property. The range now includes Traditional GRP Door Canopies and an increasingly number of contemporary models featuring metal, polycarbonate and glass. Most Contemporary Door Canopies are offered in a range of standard sizes to suit single and double doors. We also offer bespoke options to give different sizes, colours and materials. E.g. Stainless... Read More