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Friends of Humanity Logo 15/11/2018

Helping others – Friends of Humanity Girls Hostel for Jipe Moyo Secondary School Project

From July 2018 onwards, Jupiter Blue has pledged to support three well-deserving charities, one of which is the Friends of Humanity Girls Hostel for Jipe Moyo Secondary School project.  It has two aims: to construct a hostel for vulnerable female pupils at risk of sexual abuse, and to drill water at the school site to give the pupils and teachers a local source of clean water. The Jipe Moyo Secondary School is in rural Tanzania, with the majority of its pupils coming from poor backgrounds.  The local culture is not... Read More

Bespoke loft hatches 15/10/2018

Product Feature SDS Made to Measure Loft Hatch

If your property has a non- standard size loft opening a made to measure loft hatch will save you time, hassle and money. What do we mean by non-standard size loft opening? For many years, Building regulations have specified residential houses have joists spaced at 600mm centres. Allowing for the width of the joists used the distance between the joists is around 565mm. As a result most standard size loft hatches are designed to fit a width of 560mm, this allows a small tolerance when fitting (this is why we... Read More

New Website Coming soon

Our current site has served us well for almost six years. During this time we’ve listened to customer feedback and introduced numerous features to improve customer service. These range from delivery countdown timers so you know when you should receive your order as well as our bespoke product calculator which allows custom size access panels to buy priced immediately and bought online. The way we all use the web is evolving, from increases in using mobile devices to the introduction of voice search. As such we need to evolve our... Read More

An easy guide to understanding Access Panel Dimensions

If you’re not familiar with access panels the choice of types and sizes can seem daunting. We use the same measurement standards for all access panels to keep things as simple as possible. For stock panels the size we list on our website is the size of the back of the panel as shown on the image below:   ) The size we quote on our website is the Length x Width marked on the image below. This part of the panel fits into the structural opening (the hole) in... Read More

Bespoke loft hatches 06/02/2017

Made to measure Loft Hatches – Fire Rated and Non Fire Rated Improved lead times

We’re probably the largest supplier of made to measure loft hatches in the country by a considerable margin. This already allows us to offer you the best prices and fastest lead times when ordering custom sized loft hatches. Historically we’ve produced bespoke hatches on a weekly product cycle which started on Wednesday of any given week. This was great for customers placing orders on Mondays or Tuesdays as their hatches would go straight into production but for customers ordering on Thursdays or Fridays this meant up to 11 working days... Read More

Christmas Opening hours

We will be closed from 2pm on Friday 23rd December and open again on Tuesday 3rd January. Orders placed during this time will be despatched on Tuesday 3rd January. Please note our production facility will also close during this time. Orders for Made to Measure Loft Hatches (Click here to view range) and Bespoke Access Panels (click here to view range) ordered after 12 noon on Wednesday 14th December will be delivered on or around 15th January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Jupiter Blue Team

Bespoke loft hatches 20/10/2016

Ready made non standard size loft hatches to clear

We’ve got a batch of loft hatches of various non standard sizes which are now for sale on the website. Ordinarily these sell for £122-£145 + VAT depending on the spec but are for sale at between £65-75 + VAT meaning savings of 46%. These are high quality hand made loft hatches made to one off sizes. To check if a particular hatch will fit your property measure the distance between the timbers of your loft opening and deduct 5mm. Compare this measurement to the list of hatches we’ve got... Read More


Tile Access Panels

We’re pleased to be able to offer our new made to measure tile access panel. Tiled access panels allow easy access to building services while maintaining the overall finish of the tiled wall. Our tile access panels are made to order to suit your exact tile size and grout width which ensures a very high level of finish. The neat design features touch catch locks, to remove the panel simply press to release. Bigger sizes will be fitted with safety cables to provide additional support when removing the door. Our... Read More