New Website Coming soon

Our current site has served us well for almost six years. During this time we’ve listened to customer feedback and introduced numerous features to improve customer service. These range from delivery countdown timers so you know when you should receive your order as well as our bespoke product calculator which allows custom size access panels to buy priced immediately and bought online. The way we all use the web is evolving, from increases in using mobile devices to the introduction of voice search. As such we need to evolve our platform in order to ensure it’s the best it can be and it continues to live up to customer expectations. We’re busily working on refining our products, as well as adding some new lines.

We anticipate the new site will be live by late November, we’re going to let all of our newsletter subscribers have a special offer so if you’re not subscribed and don’t want to miss out you can subscribe at the foot of the website.


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