Helping others – Friends of Humanity Girls Hostel for Jipe Moyo Secondary School Project

From July 2018 onwards, Jupiter Blue has pledged to support three well-deserving charities, one of which is the Friends of Humanity Girls Hostel for Jipe Moyo Secondary School project.  It has two aims: to construct a hostel for vulnerable female pupils at risk of sexual abuse, and to drill water at the school site to give the pupils and teachers a local source of clean water.

The Jipe Moyo Secondary School is in rural Tanzania, with the majority of its pupils coming from poor backgrounds.  The local culture is not supportive of girls pursuing an education, so the school was built five years ago to combat this. It has proved successful: currently 63% of the 258 pupils are girls.

In these disadvantaged areas, girls are increasingly becoming victims of sexual abuse: in 2017 over 300 girls dropped out of secondary schools across the region due to unplanned pregnancies; mainly caused by abuse or harassment.  The presence of a purpose-built hostel (able to house up to 200 girls) would certainly help to protect them from unwanted pregnancies, HIV and AIDS, giving them the chance to finish secondary education successfully.

During their school day, pupils without a stable supply of water at home have to take time away from the classroom to fetch water from a local river.  Providing access to fresh and clean water by drilling near the school will not only help the pupils’ health and hygiene, but also allow them to make the most of the school day and not disrupt their study.

There are still many communities who struggle to have access to the most basic of rights, which is why we at Jupiter Blue have chosen to support this particular project.  If you would like to find out more about this project from Friends of Humanity (or are interested in reading about their other projects), please follow this link:

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