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Open your loft hatch with the press of a button 30/01/2019

Open your loft hatch with the press of a button

Make opening your loft as easy as possible with a Stira electrically powered loft hatch and ladder. The high quality unit is a combined loft hatch and ladder which is operated with a handy remote control. A simple push of a button lowers the loft hatch, all you have to do is to unfold the ladder (see our product listing for a video showing how easy this is). The hatch is hand made and features a number of innovative features including a battery backup so the hatch will operate in... Read More

Bespoke loft hatches 15/10/2018

Product Feature SDS Made to Measure Loft Hatch

If your property has a non- standard size loft opening a made to measure loft hatch will save you time, hassle and money. What do we mean by non-standard size loft opening? For many years, Building regulations have specified residential houses have joists spaced at 600mm centres. Allowing for the width of the joists used the distance between the joists is around 565mm. As a result most standard size loft hatches are designed to fit a width of 560mm, this allows a small tolerance when fitting (this is why we... Read More

Bespoke loft hatches 06/02/2017

Made to measure Loft Hatches – Fire Rated and Non Fire Rated Improved lead times

We’re probably the largest supplier of made to measure loft hatches in the country by a considerable margin. This already allows us to offer you the best prices and fastest lead times when ordering custom sized loft hatches. Historically we’ve produced bespoke hatches on a weekly product cycle which started on Wednesday of any given week. This was great for customers placing orders on Mondays or Tuesdays as their hatches would go straight into production but for customers ordering on Thursdays or Fridays this meant up to 11 working days... Read More

Bespoke loft hatches 20/10/2016

Ready made non standard size loft hatches to clear

We’ve got a batch of loft hatches of various non standard sizes which are now for sale on the website. Ordinarily these sell for £122-£145 + VAT depending on the spec but are for sale at between £65-75 + VAT meaning savings of 46%. These are high quality hand made loft hatches made to one off sizes. To check if a particular hatch will fit your property measure the distance between the timbers of your loft opening and deduct 5mm. Compare this measurement to the list of hatches we’ve got... Read More

AT35 airtight loft hatch 08/10/2014

New product AT35 – Airtight Loft hatch insulated and complies with Part L of Building Regulations

After 12 months of development we’re pleased to announce the launch of our airtight loft hatch, the AT35. The AT35 is the first loft hatch of its kind to be airtight at 50Pa air pressure under both positive and negative air pressure. In addition to this it’s insulated and has a U value of 0.35 to meet the current requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations. As the need to reduce the carbon footprint of our housing increases this loft hatch offers an immediate improvement for any home owner... Read More

stop insulation dropping from your loft hatch 30/09/2014

Insulation cover now available on made to measure loft hatches

We get rave reviews about our made to measure loft hatches, we’re not bragging check here and look at the reviews. One point some customers have raised is the exposed insulation doesn’t look great and if knocked it can drop fibres. As a result we’re now offering customers buying made to measure loft hatches the option of fitting a cover to conceal the exposed insulation on the lid of the loft hatch. The cover is made from aluminiumised glass cloth and is supplied and fitted for just £6. The cover... Read More


Part L Building Regs: NHBC Poll reveals 84.5% of Industry professionals think Zero carbon target for 2016 unrealistic

What is Zero Carbon and why does it matter? Part L of the building regulations deal with the conservation of fuel and power in buildings. Recent revisions have seen tightening of the regulations to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions through improved thermal performance and a reduction in draughts. The goal is that all new residential buildings have a zero carbon rating by 2016. This is part of a wider effort to achieve a legally binding target of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% of their 1990 levels by 2050. Everybody... Read More

Part L Building Regulations for Loft Hatches (plus an explanation of U Values)

Part L of the building regulations govern the conservation of fuel and power used by buildings. It’s a long document with multiple sections covering different components and materials used in order to ensure buildings meet with Part L. How heat loss from homes is measured The unit of measurment used to represent heat loss is known as the ‘U’ value. The U value is specified in W/m²k and represents the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of structure (Glazing, insulation, wall, ceiling etc) when the exterior... Read More

Article low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter

Yesterday (31st October) The BBC ran an article “14 low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter”. As you may expect it covered most of the expected recommendations such as Foil behind radiators, Double Glazing and Loft Insulation.   Interestingly the article went on to advise something most people tend to ignore, their loft hatch. It’s pointless insulating your loft and leaving a leaky loft hatch as valuable heat will seep into the loft space as well as any colder air from the loft being able to permeate... Read More