Access Panels

Touch latch plasterboard door access panel with beaded frame 20/01/2020

Plasterboard door access panels with touch latch locks

New range of beaded frame access panels with touch latch locks now in stock. Designed for projects where an incredibly discreet access panel is required. The touch latch locks mean no visible lock aperture in the door, the beaded frame and door are plastered with the surrounding wall or ceiling so the panel simply blends in. The access panel is supplied with a 12.5mm plasterboard door insert fitted. The panel is just 20mm deep, (Note the two touch catch lock bodies are 49mm deep) the frame has pre-drilled fixing holes... Read More

An easy guide to understanding Access Panel Dimensions

If you’re not familiar with access panels the choice of types and sizes can seem daunting. We use the same measurement standards for all access panels to keep things as simple as possible. For stock panels the size we list on our website is the size of the back of the panel as shown on the image below:   ) The size we quote on our website is the Length x Width marked on the image below. This part of the panel fits into the structural opening (the hole) in... Read More


Tile Access Panels

We’re pleased to be able to offer our new made to measure tile access panel. Tiled access panels allow easy access to building services while maintaining the overall finish of the tiled wall. Our tile access panels are made to order to suit your exact tile size and grout width which ensures a very high level of finish. The neat design features touch catch locks, to remove the panel simply press to release. Bigger sizes will be fitted with safety cables to provide additional support when removing the door. Our... Read More

plastic access panel with door partially open 18/03/2016

Plastic Access Panel Size Guide

Follow this simple guide to ensure you select the correct size plastic access panel. The panel size we quote against our plastic access panels is the size of the opening at the back of the panel. We recommend you add up to 5mm over the panel size when creating the opening into which you will be fitting the panel. For example our HA300 (size: 300 x 300mm) can be fitted into an opening of 305 x 305mm. Regardless of the size, every panel has a 25mm frame making the overall size of... Read More

bespoke access panel prices instantly 22/06/2015

New – Get instant online prices for any bespoke access panel

Buying bespoke access panels just got a whole lot easier. We’re the only company to provide instant prices on any bespoke access panel online.  Simply enter the size you need and get an instant price.               We’re confident our prices are the most competitive around and are backed by our Price Match. Click here to view our range of bespoke access panels


Access panels for external use

Our latest access panel addition, exterior panels for use on the outside of buildings. Initially we’re offering 3 sizes; 310×310, 465×465 & 615x615mm. All panels benefit from the following specification: Strong – Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction Secure – Key operated lock/ locks Insulated – Polyurethane insulation Weatherproof – Weather/ draught seals Durable – Supplied with 2 corrosion resistant protective coatings ready for finishing onsite As you’d expect for a product designed for outdoor use, the product has been tested to ensure it withstands the temperature and moisture extremes of... Read More

The World’s best Access Panel Adhesive

One question we get asked on a regular basis is “which adhesive do we recommend for fixing access panels to walls and ceilings?” There are numerous building adhesives out there so it can be confusing. We’ve tested most adhesives and believe we’ve found the best in the world at any price. In fact, it sticks, just about anything to anything including porous and non-porous materials. Unlike the last product to make this claim it doesn’t glue your fingers together! All Metals, Hard Plastics, Roof Tiles, Brick, Concrete, Glass, Ceramic, Glass... Read More