BBC Report on fake reviews of online companies – Who to trust

It was disappointing, but not surprising to hear the BBC report into fake reviews of online companies on 18.06.15.The report uncovered companies using fake reviews to mislead customers.

Any reputable company looking for repeat business will always go out of their way to ensure customers are happy and won’t need to pay for people to write fake reviews.

To ensure transparency we decided to use an independent company (Trustpilot) for all our customer service reviews due to their robust platform and significant efforts to eliminate fake reviews. Their system works by sending a request for a review to every customer who places an order with us. Every reviewer is required to create an account with Trustpilot so while not fool proof, it’s much stronger than some of the other review sites. Most importantly we cannot edit or remove reviews so what you see is how customers view us.

No company is perfect, us included. You’ll see on a small number of occasions we mess up, and what we did to put it right. It’s times like these I’m grateful we do occasionally fall short, it proves our reviews are genuine and that in the vast majority of cases what our customers have been kind enough to say without any incentive or payment about us is what you can expect when ordering from Jupiter Blue.


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