Article low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter

Yesterday (31st October) The BBC ran an article “14 low tech ways to keep your house warm this winter”. As you may expect it covered most of the expected recommendations such as Foil behind radiators, Double Glazing and Loft Insulation.   Interestingly the article went on to advise something most people tend to ignore, their loft hatch. It’s pointless insulating your loft and leaving a leaky loft hatch as valuable heat will seep into the loft space as well as any colder air from the loft being able to permeate to the area below the loft opening.

If you can feel draughts from around your loft hatch

It’s worth considering replacing it with a new insulated model as it will save you money in the long run. Due to increasingly high standards, Part L of the building regulations require all loft hatches to have a U value of 0.35 or below. (U values measure thermal performance, the lower the number, the better the thermal performance).

What to look for when choosing a new loft hatch

Seals on all the closing surfaces – Seals to mininise or eliminate air leaks in order to keep cool air in the loft and warn air in the rooms below

Type, hinge down or push up – A hinged loft hatch will typically give a better seal due to the leverage of the cam lock which presses the frame and lid together and exerts pressure on the seals

Insulation – Plastic hatches tend to use polystyrene insulation, while metal loft hatches use mineral wool insulation


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