Access panels for external use

Our latest access panel addition, exterior panels for use on the outside of buildings.
Initially we’re offering 3 sizes; 310×310, 465×465 & 615x615mm. All panels benefit from the following specification:

  • Strong – Sturdy heavy gauge steel construction
  • Secure – Key operated lock/ locks
  • Insulated – Polyurethane insulation
  • Weatherproof – Weather/ draught seals
  • Durable – Supplied with 2 corrosion resistant protective coatings ready for finishing onsite

As you’d expect for a product designed for outdoor use, the product has been tested to ensure it withstands the temperature and moisture extremes of a wide climate and is suitable for use in most parts of the world. You can view the product here

external access panel with door partly open

external access panel

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