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AOV Smoke Vent Access Hatch [Offset Actuator]

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Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) Smoke Vent with offset actuator for Access

AOV Smoke Vent comprising PVC kerb with a polycarbonate dome.AOV smoke vents with offset acuators combine. Smoke Ventilation with access. All AOVs are designed to automatically extract smoke in the event of a fire. Typically sited on flat roofs above corridoors and stairwells the vents open to an angle of 140 degrees in less than 60 seconds. The range is fully tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 12101-2. Covering standards for safety, security, non-fragility and fire safety with the full guarantee of an established, accredited UK manufacturer.
Fully certified to approved document B.

Kerb options to suit your own upstand or fitting directly onto your roof deck

100mm DF (Direct Fix) kerb - fits to an existing upstand

365mm PVC kerb for fitting directly on the flat roof

100mm DF kerb365mm PVC Kerb
Standard Actuator positioning is as shown above (left side adjacent to the hinge). If needed we can mount the actuator on the right side adjacent to the hinge (please request this at the time of placing your order). AOVs can be fitted on flat roofs with a pitch of up to 15°. The hinge side needs to be facing up the slope, please ensure you take this into consideration.

How to measure - 365mm PVC Kerb version

How to measure

Aerodynamic free area - AOV Smoke Vents with 365mm PVC Kerb(Aa)Aa
Smoke Vent Size (mm) Note: Rectangular Sizes are Hinged on the Long SideDaylight free area size*(mm)Roof opening area (m2) Approx. Clear opening size (mm)Aerodynamic free areaFree Area (m2)
CvAa m2
1050 x 1050900 x 9001.10900 x 6500.440.49*0.72
1200 x 10501050 x 9001.261050 x 6750.420.53*0.88
1200 x 12001050 x 10501.441050 x 7500.440.63*1.01
1350 x 10501200 x 9001.421200 x 6000.400.57*0.99
1350 x 12001200 x 10501.621200 x 6750.420.68*1.16
1350 x 13501200 x 12001.821200 x 7500.430.781.34
1500 x 10501350 x 9001.581350 x 5250.390.61*1.12
1500 x 12001350 x 10501.801350 x 6000.400.721.32
1500 x 13501350 x 12002.031350 x 6750.410.831.52
1500 x 15001350 x 13502.251350 x 7500.420.951.72
1650 x 10501500 x 9001.731500 x 4500.370.64*1.26
1650 x 12001500 x 10501.981500 x 5250.380.751.48
1650 x 13501500 x 12002.231500 x 6000.390.871.70
1650 x 15001500 x 13502.481500 x 6750.370.921.92
1650 x 16501500 x 15002.721500 x 7500.421.142.14

How to measure DF Kerb version

How to measure

Aerodynamic free area - AOV Smoke Vents with DF Kerb(Aa)Aa
Smoke Vent Size (mm) Note: Rectangular Sizes are Hinged on the Long SideDaylight free area* Size (mm) Approx. Clear opening size (mm)Roof opening area (m2) Aerodynamic free areaFree Area (m2)
CvAa m2
1050 x 1050mm900 x 900mm900 x 6500.810.480.39*0.72
1200 x 1050mm1050 x 900mm1050 x 6750.950.460.43*0.88
1200 x 1200mm1050 x 1050mm1050 x 7501.100.470.52*1.01
1350 x 1050mm1200 x 900mm1200 x 6001.080.440.48*0.99
1350 x 1200mm1200 x 1050mm1200 x 6751.260.450.57*1.16
1350 x 1350mm1200 x 1200mm1200 x 7501.440.400.67*1.34
1500 x 1050mm1350 x 900mm1350 x 5251.220.420.51*1.12
1500 x 1200mm1350 x 1050mm1350 x 6001.420.430.611.32
1500 x 1350mm1350 x 1200mm1350 x 6751.620.440.721.52
1500 x 1500mm1350 x 1350mm1350 x 7501.820.450.831.72
1650 x 1050mm1500 x 900mm1500 x 4501.350.400.54*1.26
1650 x 1200mm1500 x 1050mm1650 x 12001.580.410.65*1.48
1650 x 1350mm1500 x 1200mm1650 x 13501.800.420.761.70
1650 x 1500mm1500 x 1350mm1500 x 6752.030.380.761.92
1650 x 1650mm1500 x 1500mm1500 x 7502.250.440.992.14

* Not suitable for Stairwell use  because does not achieve an Aerodynamic Free Area of more than 0.70 Aa m2 in a stairwell as per the requirement of EN 12101-2, not the grey area "free vent area" that is often quoted.

Abbreviations: Aa = Aerodynamic Free Area, Cv = Coefficient flow Mardome Trade Electronically Operated Smoke Vent Rooflights are individual polycarbonate domes intended for easy installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural smoke and heat exhaust, as well as comfort ventilation.

Certification and Regulatory Information

  • Fire rating - achieves Class B-s1, d0 to BS EN 13501:Part 1 and deemed BROOF(t4) to BS EN 13501: Part 5 by Building Regulation
  • 72 hour battery back up in the event of power cut
  • Inclusive of wind deflectors where applicable to comply with the regs
  • Complete with a Part ""L"" compliant polycarbonate triple skin for a high thermal performance & resistance to condensation
  • Safety - achieving Class B non fragility to ACR[M]001
  • The polycarbonate skin lid with an impact resistance to EN1873 1200 joules and Class B non-fragility in accordance with ACR[M]001
  • Opens to 140° in less than 60 seconds complying  the requirements of the new Smoke Vent Standard BS EN12101-2

Operation and Options

    • Optional control panels, smoke detectors, fireman’s switches and manual control points available
    • Control panel can be activated from: Manual override switches, by dedicated smoke detectors or through integration with existing smoke detection and or fire alarm systems
    • Can be integrated into any building management system
    • Features back up battery to ensure operation in the event of no mains power

Thermal and Acoustic data

GlazingU-Value DF KerbU-Value 365mm PVC Kerb

Acoustic Airborne Sound Index

 Double 2.0 - 2.4W/m²K 1.6 - 2.1 W/m²K20dB
 Triple 1.5 - 1.7 W/m²K 1.2 - 1.5 W/m²K22dB

General Information

  • Suitable for residential and commercial buildings
  • Thermally broken kerb (PVC)
  • Extremely secure with concealed individual fixings within security caps
  • Hinged long side (where applicable)
  • 10 year guarantee
  • CE Marked
  • Weatherproofed to the full height of the upstand
  • Designed to last in excess of 20 years under normal conditions

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